Wednesday, June 3, 2020

COVID numbers for June 3

Once again, for the umpteenth day in a row, Minnesota had more COVID deaths than Wisconsin did for the reporting period posted on Wednesday, June 3.

Minnesota reported 22 deaths from COVID, while Wisconsin reported 12 deaths.

Brooten Commercial Club

The state tax debt for the Brooten Commercial Club stands at $17,449.94 as of June 3.

Monday, June 1, 2020

COVID and protesting

Keeping in mind that COVID-19 has a 2 to 14-day incubation period, protesters of the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis one week ago, Minnesota state health officials are encouraging anyone attending and participating in protests in recent days to get a COVID test.

However, if you attend a protest and have close contact with numerous people and then get a test the next day, it's very likely you won't get a "positive" result, due to the above-mentioned incubation period for COVID-19.

Generally, symptoms usually present themselves in COVID infections in the 5 to 11-day period. Getting a COVID test too early raises the odds considerably that you will receive a false negative test result.

Also, it's extremely interesting that Wisconsin has done more COVID tests (272,138 compared to 255,592), has far fewer COVID cases and has around half of the COVID deaths that Minnesota has suffered. Both states have about the same for overall population.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday, May 30 COVID-19 update in Minnesota

Today, the Minnesota Department of Health reported 30 more COVID deaths.

Of those 30 deaths, 26 lived in long-term care facilities. That represents 87 percent of the deaths reported today.

For the umpteenth day in a row, Minnesota has had more COVID deaths than Wisconsin has had. Also, according to a Milwaukee newspaper, Wisconsin's main COVID hot spots are in the southeastern part of their state.

Arrests being made of Minneapolis rioters

Here's names and a few hometowns provided for the rioters who were arrested in Hennepin County this morning, following a fourth straight night of mayhem in Minneapolis. These arrests illustrate progress! Thank you, law enforcement! A few of these names have charges listed...if no charge is listed, generally, their arrest was made for burglary.

Ariana Ameena Shareef
Jaleel Ahmad Sanford
Cueles Lee Wallace
John Richard Rieple
Nicholas Dale Wilson (riot)
Leah Marie Overbaugh (unlawful assembly)
John Andrew Rogerson
Bobby Dion Woods  (from Illinois)
Alexis Chardae Rodgers (Big Lake, MN ... riot)
Prestin James Schaefbauer (Big Lake, MN - assault, 4th degree)
Jerica Ann Powell
Tatianna Jamesha Simms (Jordan, MN - burglary)
Sierra Catherine West  (Kansas City, MO - riot)
Brandon Marcelle Young  (Ames, IA - weapons)
Bryce Randall Silverness (riot)
Elizabeth Paige Stuge (Lakeville, MN - riot)
Matthew Austin Tingstad (Sutton, Alaska - burglary)
Krista Carol Wendt (Minneapolis)
Kevon Devante Rayshun Ousley (Minneapolis - assault & burglary)
Malia Nadine Montgomery (Burnsville - riot)
Scott William Nichols (Minneapolis - riot)
Lars Ivan Krogstad Ortiz (Minneapolis - riot)
Antonio Delon Locke (Thief River Falls, MN - machine guns & short-barreled shotguns)
Luis Juan Lojano-Elizalde (Minneapolis - riot)
Zoe NMN Nidzgorski (Eagan MN - unlawful assembly)
Abdirahman Abdullahi Mohamud  (Minneapolis - aggravated robbery)
Melody Rae Hubertus  (no address - riot)
Uriel Guzman (Inver Grove Heights, MN - burglary)
Tyron Lynndale Harris (Chicago, IL - burglary/stealing)
Jamayle Duke Howard (Minneapolis - burglary)
Terrance Octavious Hobson (St. Paul - burglary)
Sharon Michelle Ingram  (Minneapolis - burglary)
Deztiny Troi Glass (Brooklyn Park - riot)
Haakon Porter Gisvold (Minneapolis - riot)
Vanessa Lynnette Gonzalez (Minneapolis - riot)
Elizabeth Francesca James (Minneapolis - damage to property)
Delaney Nicholas Harris (Chicago, IL - burglary)
Michael Cheng Leng Fang (St. Paul - riot)
Omar Abdirahman Farah (Blaine, MN - aggravated robbery)
Braithe Vincent Ferguson (Mirmar, FL  - burglary)
Kevionta Laquan Denson (Chicago, IL - burglary)
Sierra Lee Elam (Minneapolis - riot)
Levi Joseph Garrow (Temperance, MI - riot) 
Deanthony Michael Frye (St. Paul - burglary and drugs)
Kayavin Shamir Unger (Minneapolis - burglary)
Jessica Danielle Cook (St. Paul - riot)
  • Sidebar on Ms. Cook...she was live-streaming on Facebook at the time of her arrest. She said she wasn't doing anything except trying to find her friend who was scared. However, multiple prior Facebook Live broadcasts all encouraged rioting. She was shocked when she was arrested for rioting, because she said, she was "protesting peacefully" !

Darwin David Castilla-Alvarez (Minneapolis - riot)
Wauney Daymond Cole (Brooklyn Center, MN - theft of auto)
Natalie Jean Cook (Hastings, MN - riot)
Devin Augustin Cook (Hastings, MN - riot)
Lahrone Demario Allen (St. Paul, MN - burglary)
Curtis Edwin Avent  (St. Paul, MN - unlawful assembly)
Queensarauniya Shauntel Beard (Brooklyn Center, MN - burglary)
Kyle Brandon Bazant (Minneapolis - riot)

(end of list that was provided as of 12 p.m. today)

Friday, May 29, 2020

St. Cloud area puts guard up

A few businesses in St. Cloud are closing early because of the madness ensuing in the Twin Cities metro area.

Target has temporarily closed 30 stores, including its Crossroads Center and East Side Target stores in St. Cloud.

Coborns in St. Cloud is aloso closing some of its locations early at 5 p.m. on Friday. Cash Wise stores in east St. Cloud and Waite Park, Coborn’s on Cooper Avenue in St. Cloud, and Holiday gas stations in Waite Park, on Highway 10 in St. Cloud and on Fifth Avenue in St. Cloud.

Aldis in Waite Park has boarded over its doors and is closed until 9 a.m. Saturday morning.

Some perspective about the Minneapolis riots = an American police station has not been destroyed or even overrun in decades if ever, not even during the Watts unrest of 1965, the Rodney King unrest of 1992 or the Ferguson unrest of 2014. Minneapolis has surpassed all of them.



When will parents across America say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and stop this from happening?

Time to get a jump on home schooling plans.